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Make A Wish Bracelet Be My Valentine

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A wish is a power thing! How magical it is to offer it to your special loved one, or to yourself!

This minimal bracelet is individually handmade with love in our studio in Gilbert Arizona. 

The legend says that the wearer of the bracelet has to make a wish while tying the knot and when the bracelet falls off naturally, their wish is said to come true! (Please note that we do not guarantee the wishes to come true, we are no magicians, it would be a total different business lol)

It is the basics of the law of attraction as well :) Positive thoughts and beliefs brings positive things to your life :)

The bracelet has no closure and it is intentional! They are meant to be tied on while you do your wish and fall off naturally. 


- Choose the color of your cord from the list (see the picture for available color name). 

- Choose the color of your charm. 


Each bracelet is made with premium waxed polyester cord. It might be a bit sticky at first due to the wax, but it is made that way to be more durable and waterproof.

The charm is 14K Gold or silver plated avoiding it to tarnish. 

Each wish bracelet measures 12" long ensuring enough cord to fit everyone. If you need more length, just reach out to us, we will be happy to accomodate. 

We welcome your custom/wholesale/bulk orders. Please send us a message if you are interested in placing an order. We will provide you the link of our wholesale platform, and/or discuss any custom order possibility. 

All our jewelry is made to order. Our current production times is 2-3 BD plus processing time according to our terms & conditions. 


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